Location & Facilities


Kampari is the name of the Scout site. It is the hilly land that surrounds the water reservoir on the hill across from the Araluen subdivision.

The 28,3600 sqm (28 Ha) grounds lie on the edge of town, with separate campsites for more than 100 scouts.

It's only 4 km from the town centre and 200 metres from the nearest shop, but it feels like you are "out bush".

A dirt track winds up the hills behind the hall, with creeks leading off into nooks and crannies, paths and walkways amongst the hills. - It's a popular walking track early in the morning and later in the evening, when it's a bit cooler.

Secret Valley Campsite

At the top, a secluded valley is hidden from views of suburbia behind. A caretaker lives up there, near the transportable toilet block, a daisy chain of streetlights threading down to the camp area cooking fires. Some 3 metre wide concrete culverts stand on their edge, bracketing the fireplaces, protecting them from the breeze.

On Campfire dinner nights, whole logs are burnt, to make enough coals to keep a dozen cast-iron "Dutch Oven" pots hot for hours.

Scout Hall

We have a magnificent hall with toilets, showers and kitchen facilities.

The Venturer den is also used as a scout shop and meeting room. A Leaders den has a photocopier which gets a lot of use, churning out notices and worksheets.

The main hall is a large portal framed steel clad structure about 20 metres by 16 metres.

The walls are lined with scarves and badge blankets, banners, trophies, noticeboards and displays.

When the huge evaporative air conditioners are turned on, the roar drowns out any attempt at talking, but there are times we just have to have it on. 

There is even a telephone in the hall, (08) 89 534899. Don't laugh, not all scout halls have one. It's really good, for threatening to ring the parents, and for calling an ambulance if a kid is ever "mortally" wounded while having too much fun.

Grounds outside the Scout Hall

Campfire circle

There is another campfire site closer to the hall, where we can sit on logs in a big circle. On winter nights, the fire roars as we huddle close.

In the summer, a token fire is just the focal point for the sweaty faces, singing, listening to yarns, or concentrating on keeping the marshmallows and thin chocolate between the biscuits of their s'mores.

Hillside grassy slope

Beside the Hall is a wide open space, which the Flag Mast's spotlights light up at night.

The grassy area slopes halfway up the hill behind the hall, where hillside soccer challenges scouts trying to play on a field which is 4 metres higher along one side!

The slopes are great for cub car racing and waterslides, too.

At the bottom, a creek has several bridges for playing in, and for crossing by building troop transporters, though the creek up at the campsite is even better for that..

Grassy woodland

In front of the hall is a grassy area with small native trees sprinkled throughout.

It's a neat area for pitching tents when you want to stay close to the hall and its toilets. Cub and Joey camps are often held in the hall or just here, a stones throw from the cold water fountains.