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index.htm HOME PAGE: This is where you start from. Welcome to our website (overview and links).
area.htm Our Area - All about the Central Australian Region.

Our Facilities: - About the Kampari Scout grounds and our Scout Hall.

activities.htm Activities: - A brief description and sample photos of the things we like to do, with links to pages dedicated to that activity alone


Regular Events: Overview of the regular Events we are involved in, with links to individual event pages


Canoeing: Reports and photos.

act_camping.htm Camping: About the camping we do generally.

Camp reports and photos of specific camps.

act_caving.htm Caving, Mines and Prospecting: Reports and photos.
act_hiking.htm Hiking: Reports and photos of bushwalking .
act_landyachting.htm Landyachting: Reports and photos of threewheeled sailing in the desert.
act_logs.htm Logs or reports and photos of other activities.
act_pioneering.htm Pioneering: mucking about with ropes and poles, inventing and building stuff.
act_rockclimbing.htm Rockclimbing: Reports and photos .
legends.htm Legends: Photos of our Alice Springs heroes and heroines, Class acts and silly sausages.
photo_archive.htm Photo Archive: Golden Oldies, Crusty Dusties; check out the good old days.
sections.htm Sections: Overview of Scouting Sections for all age groups Joeys, Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Rovers, Leaders.
sections_joeys.htm Joeys: Age 6 to 8 yrs - photos and info , favourite activities.
sections_cubs.htm Cubs: Age 8 to 10yrs - photos and info , favourite activities.
sections_scouts.htm Scouts: Age 10 to 14 yrs - photos and info , favourite activities.
sections_venturers.htm Venturerss: Age 14 to 18 yrs - photos and info , favourite activities.
sections_rovers.htm Rovers: Age 18 to 26 yrs - photos and info , favourite activities.
training.htm Leaders: Age 18yrs and over. Leaders are trained to teach youth. Get involved and have fun too..
contacts.htm Contacts: Phone numbers, email contacts for our Scout Group.
docs.htm Administration: Forms and Notices, Resources. Useful on-line documents we want to keep up to date as handy reference material.
parents.htm Parents: stuff. About money matters, joining, what you can do
updates.htm Updates: Look at what's New and IMPROVED! changes are shown here so you can see what's changed since your last visit

This page we last updated 13 Nov 2001

Alice Springs Scout Group website
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