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! Scouting in Australia is for boys AND girls !

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Bradshaw Joey Scout Mob meets Tuesday night 5:30- 6:30 pm

Stuart Joey Scout Mob meets Thursday night 5:30- 6:30 pm


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Parents note: Joeys each has a box, we put notices and craft items in the boxes. Please help your Joey keep the box empty.(more parent stuff here)

Leader contacts: Lyn Wilkinson 089 521100 business hours 0r 89 522613 after hours



Outback Adventure Camp

When Joeys have big fun, they have BIG FUN!

Set up some boxes in the hall, seal the doors, the only way into the 'caves' is through a hessian curtain..

Everyone will need a torch with coloured cellophane - and look out for the bats you made!

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Face Painting and 'Tattoes

These Joeys have had their faces tattoed (painted) like Maori natives


Joeys have sleepovers in the hall, many bring their parent's 'swag' (bedroll in canvas, complete with matress)

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