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Cubs Scouts

Bradshaw Cub Scout Pack meets Thursday night 7-8:30 pm

Cubs like games, art and craft, knotting, and learning about first aid.

They also do skits, have sleepovers and go on camps (see below)

Sometimes we collect heaps of big fridge boxes and some from the smash repair places - they use them for windscreens and big car panels.

Building forts and having a battle with newspaper cannonballs and nerf balls is a riot!




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Checking out our new website in our PJ's


At the sleepover (Friday 9 Nov 2001), cubs acted out some great skits and played:

a HUGE game of Snakes and Ladders

Cubs went for a hike, following trail signs and hidden clues. We saw Ironwood trees, Corkwood trees, River Red Gums, Ruby Saltbush and a Desrt Grevillea on or walk.

The rhyme we made out of the colours on the school sign was: "Black, white, yellow, red, we saw two crows but they were dead!"


Collecting Subs

Cub parade is in a circle.

Thursday Night Skit preparation

A skit is a short performance, usually a joke or something funny.

"Quick, Sargeant, another shell".

"No, not a seashell !"

Cubs don't go DYB, DYB, DYB anymore, now it's "Do Your Best"

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These cubs made a stretcher by lashing some poles together.
Click on small photos to see a bigger one !

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What is Pioneering?
(Find Out Here)

Archive Cub photos

This one has no date - we'll get some more up so ex-cubs can have a giggle


In 1991 cubs were still at the old scout hall next to Billygoat Hill.

Bob Vigar was cub leader, and was also Group Leader for several years, while the Kampari hall was being built.

The other cub leader was Ian Stower - anyone remember their Cubbing names??

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