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Bangtail Musters

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In the good old days...

Things were different then, and sometimes the same.

Check out some photos from dusty old albums no-one looks in anymore..

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1974 - Bangtail muster - Billycarts

Who was there in 1974? (spot Kippara Emu, Grey Brother)

Advertising said come billycart racing next saturday - on the Telegraph Station access road.

Tiger welded dozens of wheels on the "Billy Cart" with the sign.

More Bangtail musters here

The Bloms

The Blom Scouting family 1976

The Bloms had one of each (legendary stuff).

A Ranger, a Guide, Brownie, a Cub, a Scout and a Venturer.

Lilian, Simone, Regine, Richard, Eugene and Raymond

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Lucky legs, hey?..

Lotsa work !


Check out the hand indicator!

1976 The Venturer Truck

The Venturers had a 1949 Chev Truck, donated by Bob Noble to the unit when Arthur Jefferies was venturer Leader, around 1974?.

In 1976 Brenton Whiley was Leader, and the venturers worked hard to clean it up and get it registered. Bob Hamilton at the Inspection shed was pretty tough to get past, but eventually it got through.

It had one of those hand signal indicators, and 16 year old Venturers with a brand spanking new licence could barely drive it. The front seat was real springy, and made you bounce up and down a lot, and it was a struggle to look over the bonnet.

The gearshift used to pop out of the floor, and it was a real challenge to turn that giant steering wheel while bouncing up and down to look over the bonnet, and simultaneoously keeping the silly arm indicator locked down with your elbow.

It was great at the drive-in though. We had to go early to get a spot in front of the projection room, but we had spare car bench seats in the tray, and could sit on the roof of the cab, too.


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She only did about 8 miles to the gallon, which wasn't good on the unit's budget..


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