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Parents corner:
Useful bits and pieces

In the interests of child safety parents are requested to drop off and pick up youth from INSIDE the hall.

Joining Scouting

There is a six week introduction period where the youth may join in before they register and buy uniforms, during this time they learn the philosophy behind scouting as related to their section.

Uniforms for joeys consists of a Tshirt, cap and scarf.

From cubs scouts upward, everyone wears a full uniform. It sets us apart from other youth groups, but we are not very 'militaristic'. We have an assembly style parade, and salute the flag, but it's more about teaching self control and belonging to a group.

We balance savage amusement with quiet fun, and amazing activities with community responsibility.



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Your Money at work..

A registration fee of $85 per year covers insurance and National Scouting costs. The financial year for registration is April 1st - March 31st.

We have a registration day, when youth can get ID cards with their photos- these can get you discounts at Scout-friendly stores.

Should a youth start at any other time of the year, you can pay quarterly fees instead of fees the full year.

To pay for craft supplies, badges etc. , each youth pays $2 per night subs.


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If your finances are a bit stretched, there are ways we may be able to help...

just contact the group leader



Thank you.

Just for being there.

Parent Participation

We really need parents to help run an exciting programme. In the past, parents have always pitched in with the parent roster on the section night to assist with weekly program, as well as on camps and other special activities.

We are trying to show kids that there is no such thing as a free ride. Well, at first, you can tag along and have fun, while those who know what they are doing show you how they do it.. but sooner or later, you also know how it is done, and can help the group get it together. Eventually you can be relied on as a "leader" of a task or activity.

In each section kids get progressively more control (freedom) over what they want to do, and with that comes the responsibility for organising the activities and being PREPARED (hard work sometimes).

We know parents have hectic schedules, and other commitments, but we also know some of the hardest workers are also already involved in school councils, are soccer coaches or single mums.

Everybody accepts that there are reasons you cannot be there sometimes, but you can plan to be there sometimes. not just for the fun bit, but also for PREPARING the fun or REPAIRING afterwards..

Please help us show all these kids, that volunteering builds a strong community, that to achieve extraordinary things, you just need to put in a bit of extra. It's often a lot of fun, and sometimes it's tough going. Almost always, it's rewarding and character building.

Parents are expected to assist at times throughout the year with cleaning the hall, fundraising activities and two parents from each section are needed to be on the Group committee.

We have some great facilities (assets), and with a little input from everyone, we can make sure they do not become a burden.


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Kids who go off the rails have not learned to care about their community.

Show them how it works:

Selfless acts build character and community

This page we last updated 24 Nov 2001

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