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For : Class Acts, Famous faces, Local Yokels, Notable Nutters & Silly Sausages, Dedicated Die-hards, And Tiger - the King Pin and Super Scouter,

Some kids and adults become legends in their own time, but mostly it's just those who were unlucky enough to get in front of a camera at the wrong time.

Here is a page dedicated to those who dedicate their time and energy, and those who make us laugh and cry.

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Sooper Troopers

Here'r a real Ngiyari found in Emu's backyard (enlarge)
Ngiyari - Thorny devil or hairy devil - depends who's commenting.

Chris Wilkinson is the group Leader, and has been doing a terrific job for many years. Ably supported by his wife, Lyn - Wombat - a Joey leader -

They are always at scouting events, making it all happen. They must like the hall much better than their own house, 'cos they're always at the hall..

Their favourite thing to do is having meetings and cleaning up after others. That is what happens to you when you grow into an adult but you just wanna be a kid and have fun. The adult in your head sez "I shouldn't really be having this much fun, I better make up for it by making sure everyone else has fun too"


Damien Buckley


Here is a champion some will remember as having almost total invulnerability to fire.

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I'm the man!

Self - Proclaimed Legend Scout

Russell - projected age 16 (dreaming) blonde, 2 metres tall, what's your e-mail address, baby, I'm your man...

Russell helps leaders demonstrate what not to do, like play with itchy grub nests..

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I'm the man!
What's Dyllan doing?

Scouting is a scream

Caption required - please e-mail

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Famous Faces

Rikki - used to be in Thursday night cubs. He has left now..

Maybe he was out night spotting and the spotlight nearly made his eyes pop out..

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Upside down Faces

Wombara - ('Not this little black duck') Assistant Leader at scouts.

When leaders wear their face upside down, they have more hair on the bottom of their face..

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Mang the Bat

No hair on a bat's chin - Mang has small kids and he knows beards make babies cry....

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Another Upside down Face

Kipara - ('Bush Turkey') Assistant Leader at scouts.

Tim Newland is a stone mason. Reckons his arms are really long from lifting big sandstone blocks.. More likely from the bad old days from hanging onto a motorbike that's racing away without him..

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Webmaster's Face

Hi. After making fun of everyone else I thought I better put my own mug in..
My real name is Eugene Blom, so you might see me in the archive photos too.

I like building or inventing stuff with ropes and poles, (pioneering) , and telling kids how to save lives by stopping blood leaking out.

I am not very good at turning up at boring meetings with adults, but I like computers so I started this website and the NT one

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Paul Robinson - Cub packs being more common than scout troops means there are often lots of some leader names. Bagheera has to be the most popular.

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Dedicated Die-hard :

Goanna himself almost lives at the Hall, and has been around for more than 10 years.

Steve is the scout leader, and he is in many of the photos, lurking behind sunglasses and a beard.

The Sawyers got involved when their sons started Joeys, and have seen them through to Venturers.

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Dedicated Die-hard :

Mrs Goanna took a while to become Thursday night's Raksha, and despite meaning to take some time off, Ursula Sawyer is still regularly seen at the Hall.

Like Wombat, Raksha also suffers from 'Bigkidforhusbanditis' a condition which can not be treated, but can be managed with good humour and endless patience. Some husbands grow out of it. Some don't.

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Grinning Gecko:

Glen Prien collected his 5 years service award before going to Tasmania.

He ran a Joey mob, and was working on getting all his sons through, but only managed the first 3. The last one will have to do it in Tassie..


Silly Sausages

These are not as rare as one might think, in fact they are present in various shapes and sizes at most Scouting Events

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Tiger - the King Pin and Super Scouter

Bob Baldock surely warrants super Legend status.

Tiger has been in scouting for so many years, scouting is his �family�. This bloke has put some serious �heart and soul� into scouting in Alice. He has all the tips and tricks, and is so resourceful, there are few areas of scouting in Alice on which he has not left his mark.

When Alice Springs scouts travel Australia see halls and groups with fewer stuff and poorer facilities, they know it�s because they don�t have a Bob.

If it�s welded or handmade, if it came from far away and you wondered how it got here, if it took some lobbying, if it has a motor in it but wasn�t bought by the Group, if it�s a fantastic invention nobody ever dreamed of, if it was done on a weekday by a bloke in a truck, if a hole has been filled, or a new flat spot turns up at Kampari, if it was mowed with a tractor, if it must have taken years to do, Bob probably had something to do with it.

We have had many, many hard workers putting lots of hard work into scouting. Bob's been around more than 45 years, a hard act to follow, but an inspiration to all.

There are hundreds of kids who have learned the tough lessons in a memorable way; many have grown into very capable adults who carry a bit of Bob in their hearts.


Eric Lees & Family

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