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Using the 'Foot Falcon'

Bushwalking is the ultimate way to explore this country.

Each hike or walk is an adventure, with unexpected sightings of wildlife and beautiful spots. A cool cave in the heat of summer. A waterhole in a dry creekbed, perfect for a swim, a 2 metre Perentie (Goanna - large lizard) running up a treestump. Birds and insects at sunset, showing you the way to water.

Be Prepared - (the Scout Motto)

You need to be prepared to face the conditions, so Scouts and Cubs are taught how to avoid the heat, to value their water, to plan their trip so help is at hand if disaster strikes..

Learn to deal with snakebites, and how to use a compass, how to find water when nobody thinks there is any.

It's handy to have a Scout (or ex-Scout) around, when everyone is in a panic..


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Cubs do not go out alone.

All scouts must first demonstrate competence in bushcraft, campcraft, map and compass work, survival and emergency skills, by going out with a trained leader.

Despite several serious attempts, we have never lost a scout.(joke)

Mt Gillen Summit
Places to go

The Larapinta Trail has some great scenic routes covering about 200 kilometres.

Scouts tend to do it in sections - it's a very big country!.

However, rambling on walks from camps or even from in town is great fun.

Really cool is a hike up the ranges for a good look around. Brilliant views!

How about the track up Mount Gillen. It starts a stone's throw past Flynn's Grave Memorial on Larapinta drive

Scouts are big and ugly enough to take care of themselves and may have to dig their own toilets, depending on where they are.

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Mt Connor view to Uluru
Mt Connor

After Landyachting at Lake Amadeus, these scouts hiked up Mt Connor for a better look at Uluru (Ayers Rock) which is about 50 kms away


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Come on down!


Hike Logs

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