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! Scouting in Australia is for boys AND girls !

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Ormiston Gorge Campsite

Extended fun times

There is nothing like getting away from it all.

Camping is when you get the time to do stuff for longer, stay up later, have bigger fun.

Sometimes you just want to get away from your family, from school, and overbearing adults.

Camp cooking

In the wide open spaces, you can forget about the boring hassles, and get into some exciting activities - most scouting activities can be done on camps.

You can camp in central australia all year round, but like anywhere, you have to understand the conditions....


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Sleeping outside

Joeys can only camp in the hall, where toilets are readily available.

Cubs can go under canvas (in tents) as long as proper toilets are within coo-ee ( yelling distance).

Scouts are big and ugly enough to take care of themselves and may have to dig their own toilets, depending on where they are.

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Scouts from all over Australia are invited to enjoy the Centralian Camping experience

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More aboout the scout grounds Here

Camp Logs

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This page we last updated 2 Nov 2001

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